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President and CEO

Dr. Stu Robertshaw

Dr. Stuart Robertshaw, Professor Emeritus of Psychology and Education at the University of Wisconsin-La Crosse and an attorney, currently serves as the President and CEO of the National Association for the Humor Impaired.

Dr. Robertshaw, a national speaker and humorist, is known throughout the nation as “Dr. Humor”®. His review of research led him to conclude that, “15 percent of people in America are humor impaired and another 15 percent are ‘at risk,’ and it’s no laughing matter.” As a result of his review, he founded the Association in 1990.

Dr. Robertshaw has presented to over 1,100 business, government, healthcare, and education organizations in 50 states and 4 Canadian provinces.

The Mission Statement of the Association

  • To provide information through public speaking and print media about the value and benefits of humor in order to improve the quality of life for all of us.
  • To deliver annually a minimum of fifty keynote or banquet presentations to organizations on: “The Healing Power of Humor,” “The Benefits of Therapeutic Laughter,” “Developing Laughter Clubs,” or “How to Increase the Joy, Laughter, and Fun in the Workplace.”
  • To make available unique humor products that help the world to learn to lighten up.
  • To disseminate information about “state of the art” treatment approaches for those afflicted with terminal seriousness.

Free Association Membership

Free membership in the National Association for the Humor Impaired is open to all interested persons who send a description of the funniest true story that happened to them or someone they know. The story has to be a real event and not fiction or a joke.

The free membership kit includes:

  1. a wallet-sized membership card
  2. an 8" by 10" certificate of membership (suitable for framing)
  3. an exclusive copy of the Association’s Quick-Score Test of Humor Impairment (for assistance in diagnosing family members, friends or co-workers)
  4. a no whining button

The Association currently has over 16,000 members worldwide.

National Media Interest

Articles and stories about the work of Dr. Humor and the National Association for the Humor Impaired have appeared in 167 newspapers (including the New York Times, Minneapolis Star-Tribune, Los Angeles Times, and Chicago Tribune), and magazines such as: Family Circle, Mature Outlook, Commerce Now, Wisconsin Trails, and Wisconsin Lawyer. Dr. Humor has been a featured guest on 134 talk radio interviews coast to coast, and appeared on six television shows.

Book: “Dear Dr. Humor”

Dr. Robertshaw has published a book entitled, “Dear Dr. Humor: A Collection of Humorous Stories for All Occasions” which is now in its’ seventh printing. It is a collection of wonderfully funny true stories that have happened to people (many of the selections have come from stories submitted for membership). Robertshaw contends that real funny stories are much richer and more powerful than jokes. Robertshaw says, “jokes provide an instant burst of laughter, but these true stories stay with you much longer and provide humor from the heart—you will find yourself two or three days later still laughing inside.”

The Daily Prayer of the Association

God, grant me the laughter
to see the past with perspective,
to face the future with hope,
and to celebrate today...
without taking myself too seriously.

- Dr. Humor

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