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Reviews of Dr. Humor's Presentations

Selected summary quotes are provided from letters of recommendation that Dr. Humor has received. The original letters are available to read in their entirety and to print, simply by clicking on the name of the organization at the end of each quote. The letters are PDF files and require the Adobe Reader (which is free) to be installed on your computer for you to be able to view them. The letters are grouped into the following categories:

    I. Business and Government
    II. Healthcare
    III. Elementary and Secondary Education
    IV. Higher Education

If you would like further information about Dr. Humor's public speaking, please email him at

I. Business and Government

"Many in the audience said he was the best after-dinner speaker they had ever encountered. . . . I heartily recommend Dr. Humor to you if you want a humorous touch to your meeting." Menasha Corporation

"Your presentation was fantastic! Everyone in attendance was laughing constantly from the moment you began until your final story." Internal Revenue Service

"By the end of his program, even Ebenezer Scrooge would have been laughing to the point of tears. . . I would not hesitate recommending his services to anyone who is in need of a respite from the daily rigors of life." Canadian Pacific Railway

"Few professionals recognize the importance of humor in the workplace as do those of us in consumer care. And your program on the medical and psychological benefits of laughter was a smashing success." Society of Consumer Affairs Professionals in Business

"Aside from making us laugh until we cried, you helped us realize the importance of laughter in the work place and pointed out the humor in many of the daily things we take for granted. Your perspective of life and business is both refreshing and revitalizing." 3M Corporation

"Dr. Robertshaw's message about the healthy aspects of humor is delivered in a most enjoyable way—through laughter. Recently, members of our accounting and consulting firm enjoyed an evening with this talented man and the laughter was non-stop." Crisp, Hughes & Evans LLP

"Our lives were touched by you that night and your message will stay with us forever. Thank you so much for making the evening an unforgettable night. We all laughed until we cried. . . You are a great presenter, one of the finest I have ever had the opportunity to hear." M & I Bank

II. Healthcare

"One of the best speakers I have ever heard . . . excellent- uplifting- invigorating-awesome!" Kaiser-Permanente (CA)

"He obviously has a passion for adding to human happiness. . . He is politely and delightfully funny, with just a hint of irreverence . . . I loved it." Fletcher Allen Health Care (VT)

"Your presentation was funny, uplifting and extraordinary. You were absolutely terrific and many thanks for one of the most enjoyable programs we've ever had." Providence Hospital (Washington, DC)

"I was amazed at the number of participants who requested your business card . . . I have not seen that much interest in a speaker's availability in over 10 years of conference planning." Physician Assistant Academy of Vermont

"I invited Dr. Robertshaw to speak at our Medical Staff Grand Rounds. His talk not only covered the role of humor in the physician-patient relationship, but he also had the audience in the palm of his hand. . . It was one of the highlights of our CME lecture sequence." Santa Rosa Memorial Hospital (CA)

"Thank you so much for your wonderful presentation at our Annual Cancer Survivors Day. It was perhaps our best ever, and feedback from attendees as well as our staff has been terrific." St. John's Regional Medical Center (MO)

"I think you could tell by the audience reaction that your presentation was a '10". . . Your combination of real life humor and audience participation, tailored to our group of health care professionals, was absolutely perfect." American Association of Cardiovascular and Pulmonary Rehabilitation

"His message was informational, inspirational, and just plain hilarious. . . I highly recommend that any organization looking for a quality, entertaining keynote speaker should try Dr. Humor once, and like me, you will have him back again." Springfield Hospital (VT)

III. Elementary and Secondary Education

"Your message to over 1,300 employees has received phenomenal reviews. . . We laughed, we cried and we learned." School District of Janesville (WI)

"I have never had a keynote speaker who overwhelmingly connected with the audience in the manner you did . . . your presentation was spectacular." Orange County Department of Education (CA)

"What an absolute hit you were! Appealing to all K-12 teachers is a formidable task. As one teacher noted, 'Dr. Humor was the best keynoter we ever had'. . . Thank you for sharing your insights, humor and talents." Wagner School District (SD)

"Montana may never recover! Those of us who attended the Montana State Reading Conference and witnessed your presentation are still waking up in the middle of the night laughing uncontrollably! Your keynote address was truly a highlight of the conference and many of us can't wait until we have the opportunity to see you in action again." Montana State Reading Council

"Dr. Stuart Robertshaw opened our school year with great laughter and insightful wisdom . . . The entire staff rolled from one line to the next and genuinely enjoyed the session. He caused people to remember why they want to teach, to appreciate each other and to take themselves less seriously." Bethel Public Schools (CT)

"Your stories coupled with your unique humor brought 'tears of joy' to many an eye. Everyone laughed and listened attentively as they witnessed first hand the healing power of humor. The evaluation of your presentation was best stated by the STANDING OVATION that you received." Connecticut Association for Health, Physical Education, Recreation & Dance

IV. Higher Education

"Our luncheon crowd of over 300 loved you! . . . I observed deans wiping tears from their cheeks, department chairs howling, and alumni enjoying a good belly laugh." Illinois State University

"A veteran colleague said that 'it was the best banquet keynote lecture we have had in the history of the society' . . . Many thanks again to Dr. Humor for a wonderfully entertaining evening." University of Wisconsin-Madison

"Dr. Humor was fantastic. . . Very funny, very enjoyable, and all around entertaining—what a great way to open or close a conference." Illinois Association for Collegiate Registrars and Admissions Officers

"Dr. Stuart Robertshaw received the highest marks from the membership in the evaluations . . . I recommend Dr. Humor without reservation if you are looking for a unique presenter who will definitely connect with your audience." Western Association of College and University Business Officers

"Thank you so much for your wonderful presentation. Our attendee's evaluation comments ranged from: 'Very humorous!!!', 'Uplifting', 'Great way to start a conference' to 'Very good presenter—bring him back'. Because we opened our conference with your presentation, the entire conference seemed to take on a lighter and more relaxed tone." Minnesota College and University Professional Association Human Resources

Individual Comments

"I've been attending these annual meetings for 26 years and you are the best speaker I've ever heard, but why didn't you tell the audience to bring a change of underwear?" The University of Wisconsin-Stout

"Dr. Humor, your presentation was wonderful but afterward my cheeks hurt—all four of them." United States Department of Defense

"They should call you Reverend Humor. God bless you and thank you for your humor ministry." The National Church Secretaries Association

"You're worth your weight in gold and the only speaker to receive 100% of the highest evaluation." Special Olympics of Minnesota

If you would like further information about Dr. Humor's public speaking, please email him at

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